Media Services

Technical Services

Audio/Video Tape/Disk Duplication

High speed cassette duplication

Standards Conversion - VHS/DVD conversion between NTSC, PAL or SECAM

VHS/DVD duplication and media format change for VHS, DVD, and mini-DVS

Media Service Rates

High Speed Audio Duplication

Resident Instruction
Campus rate
0 - 90 minute Master

$4.00 each

$8.00 each

Video Duplication

Resident Instruction
Campus rate
 0-60 min Master

$3.75 each

$7.00 each

 Standards Conversion




$4.00 each

$8.00 each

Video Editing


Video Streaming

CETL offers Faculty and Staff Forum video recordings for free viewing as well as training videos that can be viewed at your convenience, using our CETL Vimeo streaming account. Click this link to search the video titles: Video Library

CETL is also offering a faculty Vimeo site where faculty can upload their own videos to use in the classroom. Simply send the link to your students or copy/paste the link into Blackboard. Contact CETL for training on this service, OR


An audio conference utilizes regular telephone lines to connect to one or multiple sites. Most campus telephones can conference with two sites without using an audio conference bridge. An audio conference bridge permits multiple sites to connect into one call. Audioconferencing can be used for classroom instruction, interviews, guest speakers and meetings.

The Center has audioconferencing equipment to facilitate the use of audioconferencing for groups larger than 4 people. Please contact the CETL office at 970-351-2885 for more information.

The University's Information Technology department can arrange for an audio conference bridge when a multiple-site call is needed. Contact the UNC Technical Support Center at 351-4357 to reserve the bridge. The cost for a regular Bridge Conference Call (i.e., participants phone into bridge and pay for long-distance charges if applicable) is $61.50; the cost for an 800 number is $0.30 a minute per phone. All charges are charged to the department or conference originator.

Satellite Teleconferences

The University has the capability to downlink satellite programs for viewing in the classroom. There are three satellite dishes capable of receiving both C and Ku-band feeds. The programs are fed throughout the campus via the campus cable system. The Center will also host satellite teleconference programs.

A number of free programs are available for downlinking as well as fee-based programs. Payment for fee-based programs is the responsibility of the individual or department requesting the downlink.

The Center can uplink a satellite program from the Center's studio; however, we will have to rent the uplink truck and arrange for satellite time. The cost for both is billed to the requesting individual or department.

For additional information or to schedule a downlink, please contact the CETL office at 970-351-2885.


The University has videoconferencing equipment that permits two-way interactive audio and video using landlines. We can connect to many institutions within the state and using dialup lines we can connect to anywhere in the world having compatible equipment.

Videoconferencing can be used for class instruction, interviews, guest speakers, dissertation defenses/comprehensive exams, meetings, etc.

For additional information or to schedule a conference or demonstration, please contact the CETL office at 970-351-2885.