Faculty Forum

Integrating Culture Applies Only To Some Disciplines -
and Other Myths

Presented by: Dr. Genie Canales, Hispanic Studies

Meet the 4MAT model

This lively and interactive faculty forum introduces participants to a creative and effective
teaching model which supports a variety of learning styles, subject matter, and multicultural
aspects by integrating the worldview and cultural values of diverse ethnic and cultural groups.

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Participants will learn the basics of 4MAT pedagogy:

(a) “cycling” through four learning style
(Why? What? How? What If?),

(b) using “left-brain” teaching (e.g., logic,
organization, predictability) and “right-brain” teaching (e.g., the arts, humor, color,
movement) regardless of subject matter or age of student, and

(c) incorporating values from the culture(s) of choice—in this case, Mexican American and European American (“White” or “Anglo”).


By the end of the forum:

Participants will have experienced a simulated lesson incorporating such Mexican American values as personalismo, familism, simpatía,
respeto, and allocentrism.

Participants will appreciate different teaching behaviors reflecting the four learning styles (quadrants).

All participants will receive handouts on the 4MAT Model, Mexican American cultural values, as well as examples of how to integrate Mexican American intellectual history and culture across disciplines.

Thursday, November 3, 2011
11:30am- 1:00pm

Candelaria 1100


Please RSVP to CETL@unco.edu

Sponsored by the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

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