Fiscal Year Budget Process


Budget Staff Contacts for Fiscal Year Budget Process:


Staff Person: University Area of Responsibility:
Susan Simmers
Assistant Vice President, Financial Services
(970) 351-2109

Central Revenues
Central Expenses
Restricted Gifts and Grants


Tara White
Budget and Research Analyst
(970) 351-1439

Auxiliary Facility System
Enrollment Management
Human Resources
Purchasing and A/P
Student Engagement/Dean of Students
University College

Michael Bohnhoff
Budget and Research Analyst
(970) 351-1894

Athletics and Athletic Scholarships
Enrollment Management Financial Aid
Extended Campus
Office of Sponsored Programs/AVP Research

Janene Roys
Budget and Research Analyst
(970) 351-1053

Alumni and Development
Board of Trustees
Finance and Administration
Finance (GA/ Bursar/Budget)
Graduate School
President's Office
Registrar's Office
University Relations

John Wieser
Budget and Research Analyst
(970) 351-4708

Capital Projcts(Small)/Equipment Requests
College of Natural and Health Sciences
Information Technology
Monfort College of Business
University Libraries
Univeristy Police & Parking
Other auxiliary services