ASAP has a small but productive confidential staff that includes a full-time Assistant Director, a part time Graduate Assistant Coordinator, and ASAP, and an amazing group of student volunteers.

Confidentiality is a privileged form of communication. This means information discussed at that time stays between the parties. An investigation process will not be started unless the survivor requests to do so. If the investigation is requested by the survivor, advocates are available therefore the survivor does not have to go through the investigation process alone.

Angie Makomenaw
Assistant Director of Prevention Education and Advocacy Services

(970) 351-3560

Devon Schlotterbeck
Graduate Assistant for Advocacy Services

(970) 351-1490

Please note: The use of electronic mail is not confidential and should not be used when confidentiality is desired or required. E-mail should not be used as a means of communication in cases of emergency, as E-mail may not be read or responded to immediately.