Peer Advocacy

ASAP Advocates are UNC students who undergo a rigorous training program on sexual assault intimate partner violence advocacy. The training provides an in-depth examination of the effects of sexual assault, crisis intervention, medical and legal procedures relating to sexual assault, and services available to support survivors. Training is held twice per academic year, in the fall and spring, one week prior to the onset of classes.

Advocates make a one-year commitment to serve as ASAP Peer Advocates. Each advocate is on call for at least one week per semester and on back up call for at least one week per semester. This means that each week (during the academic year) there are 2 advocates on call, one as the primary on call and the other as back up. Calls come from survivors, the UNC Police Department, other University departments, and concerned others.

Advocates also provide assault prevention education on campus to hundreds of students each year. Presentations are available on topics related to sexual assault, intiment partner violence, stalking, sexual harassment, healthy relationships, dating safety, and others upon request.

Becoming an Advocate

If you are interested in becoming an ASAP Advocate, call the office at 351-1490 or come by Cassidy Hall, second floor. The end of the semester before you want to train becoming an advocate involves filling out a Volunteer Application, undergoing a criminal background check, being interviewed by the ASAP Coordinator, and actively participating in the 35-hour Peer Advocate Training. After becoming an advocate, ongoing training is provided twice monthly and is required to remain in good standing as an ASAP Advocate.

Internship Opportunities

Several UNC degree programs require field experience or internships. Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice majors have received credit hours toward their degrees for their work with ASAP. ASAP Advocates gain experience working with others in a helping role, collaborating with other professionals (law enforcement, medical, court), and public speaking. This hands on experience can be a valuable part of your academic career. To find out if your degree program offers field experience, contact your academic adviser.

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