Peer Education

Using a peer education approach to sexual prevention, ASAP volunteers provide training to hundreds of students each year. Peer Educators go into classrooms, student organizations, and other campus settings to teach students about the following topics:

  • The dynamics of sexual assault
  • Rape myths and facts
  • The role of alcohol in sexual violence
  • Risk reduction techniques
  • How to access services if an assault occurs
  • Intimate partner violence, stalking and healthy relationships.

Events throughout the year also provide opportunities to educate the campus community about sexual assault. For example, ASAP Peer Educators speak at the annual Take Back the Night March each fall. One-on-one education takes place at information booths set up in various campus locations, and thousands of informational brochures are given to students each year.

ASAP's "GOT CONSENT?" campaign focuses on the importance of making sure you have verbal consent before engaging in sexual activity. Wearing "GOT CONSENT?" t-shirts and passing out educational brochures about consent to students, ASAP volunteers have spread this important prevention message to hundreds of students, staff, and faculty.

The Living Art Project involves creating human sculptures to convey information about sexual assault. These sculptures are placed in busy areas of campus at peak times, to reach students that might not choose to attend a prevention program.

To schedule a prevention program for your class, group, or event please contact the ASAP office at 351-1490.

T-Shirt projectLiving ArtStudents on bridge