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Kendra's Story

Second-year graduate student

Began Fall, 2016

Why graduate school?
Choosing to go to graduate school has been a long journey for me. After completing my undergraduate degree I had the desire to further my education, but couldn't afford to because of the amount of loans I had in my name from my undergrad. However, after much thought (and 6 years down the road) I decided that I didn't want money to stop me from achieving my goals. I started pursuing the idea of going back to school, and much to my surprise, doors began to open and everything just fell into place.

Why did you select UNC?
As a full-time UNC employee, I have had the pleasure of experiencing all that is great about UNC, and I can't image myself anywhere else. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the faculty and staff are some of the most knowledgeable, kind, and supportive people I have ever met. Why not purse a degree at an institution that offers a first-rate education?

What do you hope to do with your degree?
I would love to teach theatre at the collegiate level. By working in Undergraduate Admissions I have acquired a love for higher education and college students.

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Graduate Program

Theatre Education, M.A.

Previous Degrees

Theatre Arts – B.A. – 2010, Azusa Pacific University

Is there anything that has surprised you about graduate school?
I'm not sure if anything surprised me necessarily, but I guess I didn't quite expect to receive as much support as I have. All of the professors and staff want you to succeed and will go the extra mile to ensure that happens. For example, I had a professor who took his lunch hour to meet with me and catch up on a lesson I had missed.

Are there resources at UNC that you find particularly helpful as you work through your degree program?
I have the best cohort around. They are twelve of the most supportive people I have ever met. We use each other as resources all the time! I also highly recommend hiring a writing editor through UNC for all those important writing assignments.

Are there strategies you have found to be helpful in handling the academic workload of graduate school?
I am a full-time working professional as well as a graduate student, and I have found that time management is key. I schedule my study time into my calendar just like I would an important work meeting or appointment.

Do you have any advice for students who may be considering whether or not to pursue a graduate degree at UNC?
It is worth it! I won't lie and tell you it will be easy, because, well, it's graduate school. However, the people you will meet and the amount of knowledge you will acquire makes all of it worthwhile. If you have been dreaming of continuing your education, I challenge you to chase after it. The resources and staff at UNC will do everything they can to help your dream become a reality.